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Olga Nikandrova and Denis Shumakov

We are based in Pskov, Russia. Tea and Sherry are two of our favorite drinks. Tea was first. Together we work with the “Turquoise Tea” company, organising tea tastings, festivals and championships (Denis is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Tea Masters Cup), and write articles about tea. Our first Sherry was paired with tea, but very soon Sherry turned into a freestanding family hobby. Out passion for Sherry inspired us to create a website in Russian focussed on promoting the wines to the Russian audience aboutsherry.info. And now this project has small English version.

Articles: Sherry Wine. General Information, Soviet Sherry Wine (Kheres), The Jerez Region Municipalities, Jerez delaFrontera, Chiclana delaFrontera, ElPuerto deSanta María, Sanlúcar deBarrameda, Chipiona, Rota, Sherry Wine Types, Fino, Manzanilla, Oloroso, Amontillado, Palo Cortado, Pedro Ximénez, Moscatel, Blended Sherries, Specialties, The Jerez Region, Climate and Soils, Grape Varieties, Vine Growing and Harvesting, Vinification, Sherry Wine Ageing, Sherry analogues brief, Sherry analogues from the Jerez Region, Sherry Wine Functionality, Sherry Bodegas, Brandy de Jerez, Sherry Wine Filtration, Montilla-Moriles wines, Sherry Analogues inthe USA, Malaga, Huelva wines, Sherry Wine & Russian Cuisine, Vin Jaune (yellow wine) from Jura, France, Sherry and Tea. Tea and Sherry.

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This site can contain information about drinks excessive consumption of which may cause harm to health and is unadvisable for people who didn’t come of age.

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  • There are more articles in Russian than in English in this website. Sorry :(


  • To our great regret, we didn’t have time to translate tasting and traveling notes into English. But, if you want, you can see them in Russian.

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